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The Lexington Alano Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization that has served Lexington since 1986.  It is where early sobriety interacts with more seasoned sobriety as they transition from the devastation of addiction to healthy, contributing, effective lives. Our doors are open to anyone wanting recovery free of charge and over 25 sober living facilities depend on the Alano as a safe meeting location and information hub for the recovery community.
With over 35K visits per year and a meeting donation averaging $0.38 per visit, the LexingtonAlano more than ever needs your help.
We MUST keep this vital institution available for recovery seeking individuals with limited resources. Please do your part by starting/renewing your Alano Club Membership to help fund this cherished organization.

An Alano Club Membership is $120 annually that can be contributed monthly or in full.


What does an Alano Club Membership do for you?

  1. Connects you with our opt in newsletter for you to hear the goings on at the Alano and miraculous recovery stories

  2. Connects you with Alano resources should you ever need information on addiction and recovery.

  3. Connects you in the efforts to improve the Alano Club location with proper maintenance and needed upgrades

  4. Connects you with other members of the recovery community as we move forward in solidarity to support and help all wanting recovery free of charge.

Do the next right thing and start/renew your membership today!