Early recovery depends on the Alano.

The Lexington Alano receives over 35,000 visits a year and is a designated 12-Step meeting location for many sober living and rehabilitation centers. It is open 365 days a year, offers multiple meetings a day, and is always free of charge to visitors. 

The Alano hosts a multitude of meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Cocaine Ananymous, Heroin Anonymous, Men's only meetings, Women's only meetings, and combination meetings such as AA/Al-Anon meetings.

At the Alano, people wanting recovery have a safe, supportive place to build a sober foundation and establish relationships with more seasoned sobriety as they transition from the imprisonment and devastation of addiction, to healthy, contributing, and productive lives.

Thousands of individuals with long term term recovery credit the Lexington Alano for where their journey into sobriety began.